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About Us

About Us

Your problems are dealt with excellence by our drywall experts. The contractors of our company in California are at your service for all your needs. We offer full commercial and home drywall repair services, patch holes perfectly and texture drywalls with fine coatings.

Address: Flynn Dr
Canyon Country, California
Zip code: 91387
Phone: 661-964-6155

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We excel in residential drywall installation and patch repair, remove popcorn ceilings with attention and are experts in all tiles repairs

Do you want to make the perfect choice! Work with “Drywall Repair Canyon Country”! We can give you tens of different reasons why our company is the ideal choice for all tile and drywall services. Let's sum up our qualities in one single word: trust. Trust in every aspect.

* Reliable technicians

* Organized teams

* Consistency and punctuality

* Impeccable work

* Delivery in the agreed time

Do you want a contractor that can be useful in different occasions? Choose us! We are excellent drywall and tile contractors. We hang ceilings of all shapes, repair water damaged drywalls, patch holes, replace tiles, install tile floors. Just name your needs and consider the job done. Do you want to know more about our services?

Call our staff at: 661-964-6155

Our methods, contractors and materials are excellent

Should you choose Drywall Repair Canyon Country just for the great range of its services? No! This is certainly a very good reason but not the only one. Choose us for:

* Our capacity to provide services properly. We don't just hang ceilings, but also make sure they are stable, are fastened well and the frames are properly aligned. We don't just cut the loose ends of cracked drywall joints, but also ensure the right taping compounds have been used and are coated well

* Our excellent methods and techniques, green coatings and the emphasis we give to every single detail in order to ensure your safety and good health

* Our expertise, knowledge, good education and training. We are also experienced, follow the progress of our industry and can be very helpful when you need expert advice

* The time we spend for you in order to achieve excellent results. We make excellent drywall addition blueprints and read them carefully before we provide services.

Don't take chances when it comes to drywall and flooring installation. Choose the best. That's us! We are professionals, yet friendly. Let us welcome you to our warm environment and let us make yours an ideal home, too. We are always around for our customers. Whether you need long-term projects or quick repairs, you can trust that our technicians will .

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