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Patio Covers

Custom Patio Covers, Motorized Outdoor canopies for San Francisco decks, gazebos, and patios.

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Patio Covers

Patio Covers Cost In Canyon Country

Besides an aesthetic upgrade, a patio cover or roof also adds very important shading to the area. Harsh sunlight blinding you while you’re trying to enjoy your outdoor lounge isn’t acceptable. In fact, beyond annoying, it’s also dangerous. UV rays pose dangers to our eyes and skin, so you need a proper patio cover for protection. Our range of options includes rigid, attached covers like patio roofs (aluminum, wood, etc) as well as various motorized shades and outdoor canopies. Finding the best patio cover for your San Francisco residence (or commercial outdoor space) will prove easier than expected. How? With the help of our local contractors, who custom-build patio covers for all needs and tastes! Starting with a free estimate, we’ll present you with all sorts of options and motorized patio cover features for you to choose the best for you.

Shade Sails & Patio Umbrellas

For the simplest and most transportable solutions, free-standing shade sails can offer your patio or deck area excellent shaded spots. These portable covers stand on a couple of legs, which support very little weight and therefore you can move them around without any effort. Shade sails can flaunt all sorts of colorful designs to also add to the overall décor of your San Francisco patio space or deck area. For more elaborate choices, patio umbrellas can provide a larger, more rigid shading solution. You can choose patio umbrellas with a concrete base that won’t move even in high winds. Or you can go with a more portable version that still maintains a strong and sturdy patio umbrella canopy to withstand exposure to the elements. These types of patio covers can add a nice touch of aesthetics with solid shade.

Outdoor Canopies – Motorized Patio Covers

For a more technically advanced shading solution, many customers choose our motorized patio and decking canopies. These remote control outdoor canopies provide the standard benefits of regular manual versions. However, the ability to affect their position and change the situation of your patio covers with the push of a button adds a great deal of convenience. Our custom made motorized outdoor patio canopies utilize smart Somfy or Lutron control systems. That means quick and smooth actions when the motorized outdoor canopies roll out or retract. These electric patio covers can offer your San Francisco outdoor spaces excellent aesthetic additions too. With our range of designs for custom outdoor canopies, you can find something that complements the exterior perfectly.

San Francisco Patio Covers – Custom Design Ideas

The variety of options before you extend beyond simple roofs and outdoor canopies. From free standing patio covers to wooden roofs custom-built to suit the rest of the decking or pergola, our selection of patio covers for homes and businesses offers affordable additions in beautiful styles. You can turn to us for deck cover ideas including aluminum patio covers as well. With the motorized patio covers we spoke about before, you can maximize convenience and perfect shading conditions throughout the day. Let us help you find the best patio covers for your property by going over all the available options and seeing what works for you. You can customize each choice in a variety of styles too, ensuring you always get the best bang for your buck. Consult with our San Francisco patio cover installers via a free estimate appointment (in-person!).


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