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A drafty window or door may need replacing

In older homes a drafty window or door may indicate it needs replacing. Hot summer air or cold air in the winter coming through a closed window or door might be cured with new weather stripping but it's probably only a temporary fix. Our installers can help you with replacing a leaky window or door or any other remodeling job. Contact our team today with any questions.

Have your damaged roof repaired or replaced as soon as possible

When your roof is damaged, sometimes there's a question whether you should replace the roof or simply make repairs. Often replacing a few shingles may be all that's needed to restore your roof's beauty and function. But there can be a big difference between a few lost shingles and leaks that extend through many layers of your current roof. That's when it's a better idea to replace the entire roof. Contact our experts and we'll be glad to help you make the right decision.

Tips on remodeling your kitchen

Whether your kitchen is overdue for a makeover or you're planning a redesign, to get the most out of your new kitchen break down the project into steps. Creating a solid plan is essential to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Check with our decorating staff about organization, walkway patterns, appliance heights, countertops, and whether there's room for an island. We'll help you put together the perfect new kitchen that you'll enjoy for many years to come.


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