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Pergolas & Gazebos

Outdoor Shade Structures – Free Standing/Attached/Motorized Custom-built pergolas with motorized canopies, gazebos with netting, lights, walls, and more!

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Pergolas & Gazebos

Covered Pergola In Canyon Country

Adding a deck to your patio area brings with it lots of benefits. But you can go a step further and invest in custom-built outdoor shade structures for the ultimate deck setup. An outdoor section where you can enjoy the fresh air without suffering from the blazing sun is hugely beneficial. Not to mention, gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor shade structures have been known to increase the monetary value of properties quite a bit. Looking for a custom-built gazebo or a new wooden pergola for your Canyon Country property? Our local contractors will happily provide a free estimate on any shade structure you’re curious about.

Wood Pergola With Motorized Canopy

The beauty and aesthetic that a wooden pergola has bring something very elegant to the deck. Even with a minimalistic design, wooden pergolas give a sense of classic leisure. The overhead roof of the pergola can be stationary, rigid, or various looser materials. A pergola with a motorized canopy lets you adjust the shades with a remote control. That way, you can bask in sunlight in the safe hours, and push a button to roll the pergola shades down during the dangerous hours. Adding a motorized pergola canopy to your Canyon Country deck provides a sophisticated shade structure that doesn’t need to cost much to pay back dividends very quickly.

Custom Gazebo Designs For Canyon Country Properties

The beauty of gazebos, 10X10 or in other sizes, adds a lot of aesthetic to decks. And one of the most popular attraction points of wooden gazebos with walls, nets, lights, and other features is customizability. Our custom-built Canyon Country gazebos let you pick from a variety of designs. From gazebo rails to different roofs and covers. You can choose the type of deck gazebo that complements the rest of the landscape best. A gazebo with mosquito nets lets you enjoy the fresh air outside even in the hours when those pesky critters come out to plague everyone. Combine this with a gazebo with lights, and you can enjoy your backyard gazebo setup all night long.

Deck Pavilions – Wood or Composite

A roofed structure to add to your Canyon Country deck will provide more than just shelter from the sun. A pavilion with a wooden roof creates a durable cover that will protect your deck from the elements as well as falling branches and other debris. Deck pavilions have a unique aesthetic. That means they can improve the style of the patio area significantly. Wooden pavilions can sport simple beams that hold up the main roof. This open pavilion design lets you enjoy the landscape and view while still benefiting from the rigid shade structure setup. Wooden gazebos and pavilions can combine a wooden framework with shades, canopies, and other flexible materials. This lends way to numerous gazebo and pavilion design ideas for decks, patios, porches, and many other outdoor areas.

Canyon Country Gazebo & Pergola Builders

Save yourself time and money running around looking for information about materials and designs. Our local deck contractors can help with any questions. We give free estimates on custom outdoor shade structures of various types. Call us, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll set up a free consultation to see which pergola, gazebo, or other shade structure meets your needs.


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